Episode 49

About the Trump Arrest and the Wisconsin Supreme Court


April 6th, 2023

1 hr 56 mins

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About this Episode

Heaton Video:

On this episode of "We're Not Wrong," hosts Jen Briny, Justin Robert Young, and Andrew Heaton are diving into some of the most pressing topics making headlines. The historic indictment of former President Donald Trump is front and center, as he pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts, including falsifying business records and alleged violations of election laws. The team will discuss the details of the "catch and kill" scheme that prosecutors say Trump orchestrated to suppress negative information ahead of the 2016 election. With Trump's lawyer vowing to fight the charges and a trial date set for December 4th, the hosts will explore whether this is a sufficient charge against a former president who is also a current candidate.

Finally, the episode will take listeners to Wisconsin, where the state's Supreme Court race has come to a close. As the most expensive state judicial race in American history, with over $45 million spent, the outcome could impact the future of abortion and other key issues in the state. The hosts will discuss the current 4-3 conservative majority on the court and the potential for change. They'll also debate the merits of selecting justices through partisan elections versus appointment and consider alternative methods for selecting high-level judicial authorities.

Join Jen, Justin, and Andrew for an insightful and thought-provoking episode of "We're Not Wrong," where they'll tackle these hot topics and share their analysis. Don't miss it!