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  • Episode 60: About Saudi Sportswashing and Catholic Public School

    June 8th, 2023  |  1 hr 35 mins

    The merger between the PGA and LIV golf has renewed conversations about Saudi "sportswashing." What is the moral line in supporting entertainment backed by The Kingdom.

    Oklahoma has become the first state in the union to approve a Catholic charter school which will receive tax payer money. Is that right?

  • Episode 59: About Boycotts and Russia

    June 1st, 2023  |  1 hr 39 mins

    Conservative boycotts are increasing with... Chick Fil A in the crosshairs?
    A drone attack on Moscow escalates the war even further.

  • Episode 58: About Depressing Teen Social Media and Trusting The Biden Administration

    May 25th, 2023  |  1 hr 19 mins

    On this episode of We’re Not Wrong, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy's recent advisory underscores the deep-rooted concern over the mental health effects of excessive social media use among American youth. The advisory revealed a correlation between intensive usage and heightened mental health issues, with troubling data from Meta indicating specific dangers for teenage girls. In response, a call to action has been made to tech companies, policymakers, and parents to foster safer online environments. Amidst these developments, Montana's ban of TikTok raises questions. Is this a prelude to federal regulation?

  • Episode 57: About Wealth and The Durham Report

    May 18th, 2023  |  1 hr 27 mins

    We are amidst the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Should government regulate the fortune dying boomers are handing off to Gen X and Millenials?

    The Synder Cut of the MAGA crowd: The Durham Report is out.

    Nothing burger? Daming indictment? We decide!

  • Episode 56: About The Border and The Debt Ceiling

    May 11th, 2023  |  1 hr 28 mins

    This Thursday, Title 42 will expire. What is Title 42? Title 42 is a section of the United States health law that has been used during the COVID-19 pandemic to quickly expel migrants at the border, including those seeking asylum, in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. The policy was initially put in place under the Trump administration and has been continued under the Biden administration.

    The Biden administration is cautiously considering the possibility of using the 14th Amendment as a mechanism to avoid breaching the debt ceiling, a situation that could lead to a financial crisis. This Amendment contains language stating that the public debt "shall not be questioned," which could potentially be interpreted to allow the President to continue issuing debt unilaterally. However, there are concerns about the legal standing of this approach and the potential financial and political repercussions it could bring. While Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned that the U.S. could breach the debt limit by early June, leading to severe economic consequences, she also stated that using the 14th Amendment could trigger a constitutional crisis. President Biden himself has expressed hesitance about this option, indicating he hasn't decided on using it yet.

  • Episode 55: About Stadium Subsidies and Third Parties (LIVE in Austin)

    May 4th, 2023  |  1 hr 47 mins

    Recorded LIVE at the historic Alamo Drafthouse on S. Lamar in Austin, TX.

    The Oakland Athletics plan to relocate to Las Vegas by 2027, following other sports franchises' departures from Oakland, sparking local outrage and ending negotiations with the city. The gang engages in a debate about public stadium subsides that leaves Andrew Heaton bleeding from the neck. We don't mention it in the show but it happened.

    Next, according to a new NBC News poll, 60% of Americans, including about a third of Republicans, do not want former President Trump to run for the White House in 2024, with 30% citing potential criminal charges as a significant reason. The poll also revealed a majority of Americans do not want President Biden to seek re-election, raising questions about the possibility of a third party winning a state in the upcoming election cycle.

  • Episode 53: About Tucker Carlson and Housing

    April 28th, 2023  |  1 hr 56 mins

    On this episode of We're Not Wrong, we delve into the recent high-profile firings of Tucker Carlson from Fox News and Don Lemon from CNN and examine whether these abrupt terminations signal a wider trend in media towards cutting large contracts. We also explore the controversies surrounding both anchors, including Carlson's involvement in a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems and Lemon's contentious remarks about a presidential candidate.

    In the second half of the episode, we discuss the Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) announcement of changes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's single-family pricing policies, which aim to level the playing field for homebuyers. Will these changes may unintentionally penalize financially responsible individuals with good credit scores?

  • Episode 51: About The Discord Leaks and Diane Feinstein

    April 20th, 2023  |  1 hr 53 mins

    In this episode of We're Not Wrong, join Justin, Jen, and Heaton as they discuss the recent arrest of US National Guard airman Jack Teixeira for leaking classified Pentagon documents and the impact of his actions on the political landscape. The team also delves into the challenges facing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in his attempt to temporarily replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein on the Judiciary Committee due to her medical complications. With Republicans unlikely to support the move and Democrats divided over Feinstein's future, our hosts explore the implications for the party and the nation.

  • Episode 50: About the Tennessee Three and Elizabeth Holmes

    April 13th, 2023  |  1 hr 51 mins

    On this episode of "We're Not Wrong," we discuss the recent expulsions of Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson from the GOP-led Tennessee House due to their participation in a protest demanding stricter gun laws, as well as the racism allegations that arose when an attempt to expel Rep. Gloria Johnson failed. We also delve into the case of Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced Theranos founder, who has been ordered to report to prison later this month while appealing her fraud conviction.

  • Episode 49: About the Trump Arrest and the Wisconsin Supreme Court

    April 6th, 2023  |  1 hr 56 mins

    On this episode of "We're Not Wrong," hosts Jen Briny, Justin Robert Young, and Andrew Heaton are diving into some of the most pressing topics making headlines. The historic indictment of former President Donald Trump is front and center, as he pleads not guilty to 34 felony counts, including falsifying business records and alleged violations of election laws. The team will discuss the details of the "catch and kill" scheme that prosecutors say Trump orchestrated to suppress negative information ahead of the 2016 election. With Trump's lawyer vowing to fight the charges and a trial date set for December 4th, the hosts will explore whether this is a sufficient charge against a former president who is also a current candidate.

  • Episode 48: About Banning TikTok and LA's Mansion Tax

    March 30th, 2023  |  1 hr 27 mins

    In this episode, we explore the heated discussions surrounding TikTok. TikTok CEO Shou Chew faced intense scrutiny from Congress over concerns about user data protection and the company's ties to China. With over 150 million active users in the US, TikTok's potential removal or forced sale has sparked debates about free speech and economic disruption. The Biden administration's stance on TikTok has been inconsistent, and China has voiced opposition to a potential sale. We ask the questions: Is TikTok a threat? Should it be banned?
    In the second segment, we discuss the "mansion tax" in Los Angeles. Measure ULA, known as the "mansion tax," is set to impose a transfer tax on property sales above $5 million, with higher rates for sales above $10 million. The tax, aimed at funding affordable housing and homelessness prevention, has prompted millionaire home sellers, including celebrities like Jim Carrey and Mark Wahlberg, to rush to sell their properties before the tax takes effect on April 1.
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  • Episode 47: About Trump's Arrest and AirBnB

    March 20th, 2023  |  1 hr 33 mins

    In this episode of We're Not Wrong, join hosts Justin, Jennifer, and Andrew as they dive into the recent news surrounding former President Donald Trump's possible arrest and the impact it may have on his political standing. They'll discuss whether he called for violence and explore the potential consequences of his actions.

  • Episode 46: About Biden's Bailouts and Tucker's January 6th Footage

    March 16th, 2023  |  1 hr 38 mins

    Today on the We're Not Wrong Podcast, Justin, Jen and Andrew discuss:

    Biden's bailout of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank after they collapsed in the 2nd and 3rd largest bank failures in US history. Biden promised taxpayer money would not be used and that bank leadership would be fired.

    Was this a bailout? Did Biden do the right thing?

    Also, Tucker Carlson aired unseen footage from January 6th, including:

    Footage of Jacob Chansley being led into the Capitol by police. Carlson claims this shows police helped rioters, though Capitol Police criticized this conclusion.

    Footage of Officer Brian Sicknick directing rioters.

    Should this footage have been aired? Was it misleading?

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  • Episode 45: About The DC Crime Bill and Daylight Saving Time

    March 9th, 2023  |  1 hr 14 mins

    Congress is poised to overturn a DC law updating the city’s criminal code for the first time in 30 years. The law reduced jail time for some violent crimes, angering Republicans. Although DC’s council chair tried to withdraw the law, the Senate will vote to disapprove it after the House did. Biden signaled he would not veto the bill, allowing vulnerable Senate Democrats to support it. Should congress overturn DC's ability to rule itself?

    Daylight Saving Time will spring ahead this Saturday after attempts to kill it in the Senate last year failed. Should this be abolished once and for all?

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  • Episode 44: About Ron DeSantis and Fox News v. Dominion

    March 2nd, 2023  |  1 hr 8 mins


    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gained power over Reedy Creek Improvement District, where Walt Disney World is located. Disney has controlled it since the 1960s. DeSantis targeted the district when Disney opposed a bill he supported, known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The bill's core is the appointment of a five-person state board to oversee municipal services, such as fire protection and road maintenance, where Disney World operates. The board can raise revenue to fund services and pay off Disney's debts. DeSantis stressed that under the new structure, Disney would still be responsible for its municipal debts, and local governments would not raise taxes. Is this corporatism reigned in or government tyranny?

    Also... voting machine manufacturer Dominion is suing Fox News for $1.6 billion over allegedly false reporting on its software. Recent testimony from Rupert Murdoch, founder of the conservative news network, revealed that Fox hosts like Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro "endorsed" the claim that the 2020 election was stolen. In text messages between Fox News employees, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham insulted and mocked Trump advisers Sidney Powell and Rudolph W. Giuliani. The messages suggest that even Rupert Murdoch, Fox Corporation's chairman, thought Trump's voter fraud claims were "really crazy stuff." Will Fox have to pay?

  • Episode 43: About a National Divorce and Project Veritas

    February 23rd, 2023  |  1 hr 54 mins

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently called for separating the US into red and blue states and shrinking the federal government. Proponents argue this would address political and cultural differences, but critics note the challenges of determining state boundaries and allocating resources.
    Meanwhile, James O'Keefe, founder of conservative group Project Veritas, announced he is leaving the organization amid conflict with its board of directors. Project Veritas is known for undercover sting operations targeting liberal groups. O'Keefe claimed he was pushed out after Veritas broke a major story about Pfizer. However, the board cited concerns about O'Keefe's spending of nonprofit funds. O'Keefe's departure raises questions about Project Veritas's future direction and legal standing.
    Are we all going to be children of a National Divorce? What's the legacy of Project Veritas? The crew break it down!

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